Fees & Free Taster Lesson

Free Taster Lesson

For beginners we offer a free taster lesson which lasts around 30 minutes, where our unique teaching methods can be experienced  at first hand. 

If you already play, we offer a free assessment lasting around 20 minutes and then the opportunity to join an existing class for a free introductory lesson. If the class proves to be unsuitable we will offer you other classes until you feel comfortable with the level.

Our Ethos and Teaching Methods

All our lessons are taught in groups, typically of 6-8 pupils. This is because our courses are designed to be taught in this way. We do not use headphones and pupils are busy for the full hour. There are certainly many places that do use headphones and the contact time between teacher and student is usually around 5 minutes in every hour, for which you can pay anything up to £16. This allows teachers to take pupils of very different standards at the same time. You are effectively 'paying to practise' in these circumstances. Something we consider to be extremely unfair. 

Our courses for younger pupils do not involve any of the more complicated 'colour scheme playing' and are musically robust in every respect. 

Every teacher at Altrincham Music School undergoes a rigorous training programme with the emphasis on making music really enjoyable for the student no matter what their age or experience.  Our portfolio of courses offers something for every member of the family.

Pupils have the opportunity to take Trinity College London exams and play in concerts up to three times a year.


From 1 September 2022 our fees are charged at £14.50 per hour and we will ask you to pay for 10 lessons in advance. This can be settled by cash or an online payment directly to the teacher. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.