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Why Altrincham Music School?

All our lessons are taught in groups of up to 8 students. Classes are initially based on age and later on ability as courses progress. It is a common misconception that children learning in groups will only be able to progress as fast as the slowest pupil, but of course, as in school, this is not the case - in fact there are many advantages of group learning, especially for young children. Every lesson is 60 minutes long allowing time for technical work and theory as part of a repertoire rich curriculum. Students have opportunities to perform at least once a term in concerts and local festivals and we offer Trinity College London examinations, taken in our school.



We have various classes and times available from beginner to advanced level. Your teacher will advise the most suitable one for those with experience. We have intakes for absolute beginners of all ages several times a year.


Just fill out our contact form and a teacher will contact you to arrange a taster lesson or assessment. You can also phone to leave us a message on

0161 929 0355

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