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It is our intention to provide the best possible service to all our pupils at the Altrincham Music School. In order to do this we set out our terms and conditions in the interest of everyone as follows: 

1. An initial non-returnable deposit of £30 is required when registering. This payment reserves you a guaranteed place in a suitable class. It is deducted from the first set of fees. From 1 September 2023 the tuition fee will rise to £15.00 for a 60 minute lesson and  this figure will be reviewed annually by the School. Should the lesson fee need to alter in any way for any reason, at least one month’s prior notice will be given.  Payment must be made before the first lesson of each ten week period and should cover the entire ten weeks.  Lessons can only be given if the full fee amount has been paid by the start of each period. The School reserves the right to stop teaching any pupil whose tuition fees have not been paid. Fees can be paid in cash or through an online payment.

2. Written notice of five working weeks is required should you wish to terminate your lessons, subject to an initial minimum period of 10 weeks. Lessons not covered by this notice will be charged. Verbal notification cannot be accepted. Refunds cannot be given for withdrawing from lessons part way through a set of ten lessons. On termination of lessons any outstanding debt and/or fees from a notice period must be cleared within 14 days.


3. When a pupil has been enrolled in the school they remain so until formally withdrawn. Failure to attend classes does not constitute formal withdrawal. Pupils may be formally withdrawn from lessons at any time subject to giving us five working weeks notice in writing, i.e., the five lessons following our receipt of notice from you must be paid for. This gives us time to deal with any necessary adjustments for staff and classes. The notice must state if the pupil will or will not be attending lessons during the notice period. Not withstanding the above, we will consider a pupil withdrawn where they have missed six consecutive lessons, which must be paid for as well as the five week notice period, unless otherwise agreed with the pupil or representative. This covers any lessons for which the pupil is enrolled. Please note that fees are non- transferable.

4. Credits for lessons are made only if the teacher is absent and no suitable replacement teacher is available.  The school cannot issue credits for lessons cancelled by students. This is the policy of the Altrincham  Music School.  Lesson tuition generally falls in line with the school term dates. Where holidays overlap we normally take the holiday pertaining to the majority of schools. Students who miss lessons for any reason will not receive a refund.  However, the school will make every effort to ensure that students catch up with the work missed and may provide a short catch up lesson if necessary. Every effort will be made to encourage pupils who miss a lesson to ask their teacher for homework. 

5. Lessons are taught in groups of up to 8 for piano. Altrincham Music School  may amalgamate classes when necessary. Pupils will need to purchase course materials such as progressive tutor books when required.

6. Examinations are part of the syllabus, but not compulsory. They are accredited by  Trinity College London and provide an opportunity to build confidence and provide valuable points for entry into educational establishments. They are available to sit at the school for all fully enrolled pupils who have no outstanding debt of any kind to settle with any of the teachers.

7. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time. The current version will always be available on the website at Please retain the copy of our Terms and Conditions that you have been given at the time of enrolment.

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